We have four Lucky Dogs with extraordinary medical needs right now who need your help, donate now and help us save some lives. Gretel had open heart surgery, Maxine had a double ACL repair, Noopy had entropian eye surgery, and... more »
We decided Harper was more of a Harry to us, and thought that might be easier for him pick up on and not too different from the original.  He's doing great, settling nicely into our routine and we're looking into some training classes.  Overall he's been such a good boy, we feel like we really... more »
Daisy, formerly known as Elinor, is so in love with her new family, especially her human siblings.
Sure, it’s easy to love a cute puppy with adorable eyes. But there’s just something about those dogs with old man faces, with mugs weathered by experience and wisdom. Dogs with Old Man Faces by Tom Cohen combines heartwarming photos with humorous captions, sure to make anyone laugh and... more »
This October will be 2 years since we adopted the greatest thing to ever happen to our family!  When we adopted our little guy his name was Tippy, but now our big boy Prince is all grown and cuddly!
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