We adopted Kiwi on Saturday and brought her home to our other LuckyDog, Pogo.  It was love right away - she has taken over his bed and toys and they have a great time together.  Kids and everyone are just so so happy with Kiwi here in our home. As you can see from bottom left photo, there are times... more »
George, the swimming fur baby:  His people write, "I thought you might also like to see a video of when George first started to swim.  He loves the water and we try to go to the dog park 3/4 times a week!"  George is truly a Lucky Dog!
We got 4 hours of sleep, but it's been worth it.  Kaiser is such a wonderful dog!!  Already going to the door for potty and being the cutest thing ever.  Seriously, thank you so much for connecting us with him! :)
Istan is doing great.  I have named him Griffey. He is learning to play well with my roommates chocolate lab, but he still hasn't given up trying to take the alpha role between the two of them. He listens well and is so sweet. He has slept through the night since being adopted. He has a favorite... more »
Baboo's doing great, he transitioned really well with no problems!! He loves exploring the neighborhood.  Thank you Lucky Dog! 
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