Istan is doing great.  I have named him Griffey. He is learning to play well with my roommates chocolate lab, but he still hasn't given up trying to take the alpha role between the two of them. He listens well and is so sweet. He has slept through the night since being adopted. He has a favorite... more »
Baboo's doing great, he transitioned really well with no problems!! He loves exploring the neighborhood.  Thank you Lucky Dog! 
Buddy (fka Logan) has settled in, decided he wants to keep us and is a very happy boy.  I think you will see he seems quite content.... which makes us extremely happy!
Molly (center) was more than willing to welcome 2 Lucky Dogs into her home.  First Carolina on the right, then Rosie on the left.  We call this picture “Got Groundhogs?”  With challenging looks, the team’s all lined up to chase the groundhogs onto someone else’s property.  Chasing rabbits and... more »
We got Nitro this weekend and everything is amazing so far!  Thank you Lucky Dog!!!
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