Here are a couple of shots of Buck and his "brother," "Hank." Starting with the top left and going clockwise, you can tell Buck has lost a little weight. They are both super frisky and play all day.  What best triends they are!
Scruffy (Gabe) loves his new home and has found his new favorite spot.  He can't wait to go on adventures with his forever family next summer!
We could not be happier!  Annie is now known as Sadie.  She was very shy the first couple of hours but she settled in nicely.  Tom slept on the couch so she would know someone was there for her, but no problems.  Yesterday, we saw so many signs of her coming out of her shell, she was so playful. ... more »
One year ago, 10-year old Lucky Dog Zoey became a full-fledged member of the Spivak household!  As you can see, she remains a happy sweetheart!  Thank you all again for bringing us this joy!
LT (formerly known as Kara) is wonderful!  We are truly the lucky ones.  When we were thinking about getting a dog, we really wanted a big dog however, LT only weighs in at a small 25.5 lbs at 6 months and she is perfect.  I read on Cesar Millan's facebook page a few weeks ago one of his quotes... more »
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