Lucky Dog Animal Rescue was recently featured in the Humane Society's Animal Sheltering Magazine as an example of how an all-volunteer organization has successfully transitioned to having the support of paid employees.  We are very proud of our entire team at LDAR.  Check out the article in full!
Lucky Dog + Rescue Strong Affiliate Program   Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has partnered with the Rescue Strong Company as an affiliate. This means that 20% of all proceeds purchased using our referral link: will go straight to Lucky Dog! We are very excited to be working... more »
The Lucky Dog J pups were just rescued from a rural shelter...and are fighting for their lives!  Jaxon, shown here, was hospitalized two nights ago for parvo, and while he is doing well now, we are working hard to keep him and his siblings in supportive care until we know for sure they are healthy.  YOU CAN HELP SAVE THEM!  Please donate today!  
Blue had her back surgery last week, and, as you can see, is home with her foster mom resting comfortably!  We are incredibly grateful to the amazing staff at Friendship Hospital for Animals for doing such an amazing job with our girl.  We can't wait for Blue to be able to walk and run without crying out in pain!  While Blue is on her way to recovery, she STILL NEEDS YOU!!  Please consider donating to her extremely expensive surgery bill!  
Check out the photos from Lucky Dog's 7th Wags & Wine Extravaganza! The weather might have been dreary, but the event was a success with great food, music, company, and last but not least, wine! More than 250 people joined the festivities! You can view and purchase photos from the event here

Success Stories

It’s been a year since we adopted Cheech into our lives.  When we received her from the transport team she was a fuzzy puppy from the streets of Puerto Rico that was timid and unsure.  It took a while, but she has blossomed into one huuuuuuge personality.  She is a big talker with high energy,... [More]
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